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Thursday, May 26, 2005

(Updated 5-26) More Info on Nickel Creek's "Why Should The Fire Die?"

According to the Nickel Creek news page and this eBay listing (no longer a valid listing as of 5-26) we have a look at the titles of all the tracks on their upcoming (August 9th) album. The listing on eBay describes a "back disc" evidently a prerelease recording. While it doesn't have the graphic packaging it does list the track titles and running times (presumably they are correct). The songs are as follows:

1. When in Rome
2. Somebody More Like You
3. Jealous of the Moon
4. Scotch & Chocolate
5. Can't Complain
6. Tomorrow is a Long Time
7. Eveline
8. Stumptown
9. Anthony
10. Best of Luck
11. Doubting Thomas
12. First and Last Waltz
13. Helena
14. Why Should the Fire Die?

The track Anthony is a Sara Watkins piece. To my knowledge it'll be the first Sara-written-song on their albums so far. I'm certainly looking forward to the albums release...Until then you might want to check out some album art and photos at:

Nickel Creek Publicity Photos


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