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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Little Star - Girlyman

I can't remember now where I first heard the song This Is Me. It was on the radio but I tried and I can't remember whether it was online or on the folk hour of a local station. I do know that I first found the group Girlyman while looking around on That was before their latest CD, titled Little Star, came out. I checked out the audio clips and their website and though they seemed interesting but a little weird also. I still think a couple things are a little weird...But I like their sound. Evidently nothing really caught me when listening to the clips from Remember Who I Am. With Little Star its different (I need to check out RWIA again also).

My whole impression with Little Star is based on the 2 minute audio clips you can hear on CDBaby and on reading the lyrics on their website. And like I said I did hear This Is Me in its entirety once. I think they do an excellent job. Vocally and instrumentally. Lyrically there is a clarity combined with a certain vagueness that mirrors the feelings I often find myself experiencing.

Listen on CDBaby...


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